LaTeX Diagrams with Texoid

The DMOJ platform is capable of rendering LaTeX documents onto problem statements. This can be useful for things like drawing graphs with ease, porting over PDF resources, and so on. An example of this functionality live can be seen here, here, and here.

DMOJ supports this through a related project, Texoid. Installation is a simple process.

Installing Texoid

Texoid is simple to set up and use.

$ git clone
$ cd texoid
$ python develop

Texoid relies on LaTeX distribution to render documents to DVI format, dvisvgm to convert to SVGs, and ImageMagick to convert SVGs into PNGs. On a typical Debian or Ubuntu machine, you can fetch everything you need with:

$ apt install texlive-latex-base texlive-binaries imagemagick

Running Texoid

To start the Texoid server, run:

$ LATEX_BIN=<path to latex> DVISVGM_BIN=<path to dvisvgm> CONVERT_BIN=<path to convert> texoid --port=<port>

The environment variables are not necessary if all three executables are present in /usr/bin. Here, convert refers to ImageMagick's convert tool.

To test, start Texoid with --port=8888. Then, we can request a render of a simple LaTeX document.


The response should contain JSON, with SVG and a Base64-encoded PNG inside.

$ curl --data 'q=%5Cdocumentclass%7Bstandalone%7D%0A%5Cbegin%7Bdocument%7D%0A%24E%3Dmc%5E2%24%0A%5Cend%7Bdocument%7D' localhost:8888
{"success": true, "svg": "<?xml version='1.0'?><svg....</svg>", "png": "iVBORw0KGgoA....kSuQmCC\n", "meta": {"width": "48", "height": "10"}}

Configuring DMOJ to use Texoid

Assuming Texoid is installed, configuring DMOJ to generate LaTeX diagrams with it requires the addition of a few lines to

# The URL Texoid is running on
TEXOID_URL = 'http://localhost:8888'
# A directory accessible by the user running Texoid, as well as the web (nginx) user.
# For optimal performance (since launching texlive is expensive), change this to something
# more persistant than /tmp
TEXOID_CACHE_ROOT = '/tmp/texoid_cache'
# The URL base TEXOID_CACHE_ROOT is configured to be served under in your webserver. For
# example, if /tmp/texoid_cache/render.png exists, should
# serve it.

Restart DMOJ for the changes to take effect. After restarting, you may have to purge Django's cache before seeing any changes.

Using LaTeX Diagrams in Problem Statements

To invoke Texoid to generate LaTeX diagrams, wrap your LaTeX code in <latex> blocks.

## This is a LaTeX Demo

The diagram below is **real LaTeX!**


Typically, \documentclass{standalone} works best for inlining diagrams.